Why Attend?

AcceleRISE is an essential experience for tomorrow’s security leaders that’s different from your standard conference. AcceleRISE is where you’ll join other rising stars in the industry to take your career to the next level, make valuable connections and have fun.

What Makes AcceleRISE Weird

Is lively and interactive – and will keep you awake, energized and engaged.

Allows you to dress casually and be comfortable as you soak up the day’s offerings right from your computer.

Is packed with other bright young security professionals and rising stars just like you.

Offers insights from dynamic, approachable experts and young talent and time to get to know them.

Features unique, interactive sessions and enjoyable virtual networking activities to mix things up.

AcceleRISE 2020

AcceleRISE is designed to ignite new thinking, strengthen leadership and sharpen business acumen in young security talent. You’ll leave this experience with:

Insights on the leadership and business skills to help you be more productive

A unique understanding of the latest security trends and how they impact the industry

Tools and guidance to help you accomplish your goals and forge your security career path

August 23-25, 2021 | Virtual Conference


Will You Be Up For the Challenge?

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