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August 23, 2021

12:00 pm
12:05 pm

A Year Later, a Pandemic and Much, Much More – An Update to “I Owe it to Her: How My Partner Helped (and Continues to Help) Me Achieve My Career Success”

Lee Odess, Jennifer Odess

In this session, husband-and-wife team Lee and Jen Odess will give a rare insight into two executives, one in the security industry and the other supporting it, as they share their personal life and work journeys. They will open up and share stories on all aspects that many of the attendees will likely face to…

1:15 pm

Smooth Operator: How End Users Feel About Typical Sales Tactics and How to Innovate Your Sales Approach

Danny Chung, Adam Groom

As security professionals, we’re either selling or on the receiving side of sales pitches, or maybe even on both sides at times. This session will be an open dialogue between an individual typically on the receiving end of sales pitches (Danny Chung) and an industry sales leader (Adam Groom) to talk about the sales approaches…

2:45 pm

Are We Living in the Future? A Conversation Around IoT

Robert Gaulden, Katie Fulghum, Gaurav Hardikar

This session will feature a panel discussion about the Internet of Things and how technology has rapidly accelerated us into what feels like, for some, the age of the Jetsons. A panel of IoT subject matter experts will discuss how technology in the residential space is impacting how we view commercial spaces and the solutions…

5:00 pm
8:00 pm

August 24, 2021

12:00 pm
12:05 pm

The Value of Coopetition Within an Ecosystem

Colin DePree

As an ecosystem of platforms become part of every solution, the lines between partner and competitor begin to blur. It is no longer a zero-sum game; believe it or not, you can both win. Winning 100% of two opportunities versus 75% of eight opportunities is the potential cost of your next sales call. How do…

1:15 pm
2:45 pm

Securing Values: Choosing Your Path to Profession & Partnerships

Scott Dunn, Kelsey Carnell, Zack Morris, Marc Facca, Kim Hooper

Whether you’re searching for the right company to work for or the right companies to partner with, it’s important to look beyond products and solutions to the values being sold. During this session, industry panelists will offer insight and explore the benefits realized from working for – and with – companies that employ a value-based…

7:00 pm

August 25, 2021

12:00 pm
12:05 pm

Generational Work Styles: Building Trust & Effective Communication

Joel Hosino

Given enough time, most people will get the opportunity to become managers, but few truly become leaders. Why is it that some managers struggle and resort to micromanaging, manipulations and other tactics to coerce results, while others effortlessly inspire everyone around them to dream more, do more and be more? In this session, we will…

1:15 pm

Privacy Regulations: What Does the Rising Security Professional Need to Know?

Antoinette King

Data privacy and the protection of personally identifiable information (PII) have been hot topics with the recent adoption of legislation such as the EU’s GDPR, California’s CCPA and New York’s NYS SHIELD Act. Data privacy and protection specialist Antoinette King brings an expert perspective on the protection of all data and how setting up a…

2:45 pm

The Art of Hiring and Firing

Brendan McFall, Diana Brucha, Kami Dukes

Having been on both sides – as employees and executives responsible for hiring and terminating employees, this session’s presenters have learned a lot about what to look for when hiring and determining whether a person will actually fit your culture and not just be able to perform the job functions. Additionally, this session will discuss…

4:00 pm

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