Terry Ryan

Director of Operations

Twin Cities in Motion (TCM)

For some of us, a love of running comes natural and for others, it has to be learned. Terry is one of the others. As a junior high student, Terry dabbled in other sports, mainly football. He thinks his love for running developed as he was being chased down the football field by guys twice his size, where outrunning his opponents was nearly a matter of life and death. He’s continued to run on and off over his adult life, running 12 marathons and countless other road races. He’s been a coach for a local running group and a volunteer for a number of road races, including the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. Terry joined the staff in the summer of 2006.


From Start to Finish: Leveraging Technology and Teamwork

Presented by Virginia Brophy Achman, Terry Ryan, Ed Whetham at 2:40 PM on Thursday, August 15th.

This panel will shed light on the changes that took place in the U.S. running community after the Boston Marathon bombings and provide insight about the complex nature of securing a 26.2-mile road race. The Twin Cities in Motion event management team has been instrumental in creating safety and security best practices for the running…