Stephanie Mayes

Stephanie Mayes

Vice President, Americas Sales


Stephanie Mayes is the Vice President of Sales, Americas at Synectic Systems, Inc., a UK-based company which makes a command and control platform, providing a “PSIM-lite” application for customers in the most demanding environments.

Stephanie joined Synectic Systems following two previous roles in manufacturing:  one was with a leading end-to-end video surveillance company in sales roles, ultimately leading the NA sales organization.  The other was in a move to the IT side of the business, where she helped develop OEM sales into the video space for a large storage company.  Stephanie’s career in the Security Industry began in Systems Integration, where she worked for 19 years in Operations, Sales, and General Management roles.

In addition to her work in the industry, Stephanie also contributes greatly as a volunteer.  She is a member of the SIA Executive Council and the Mission 500 Executive Board.

Stephanie earned a Bachelors degree in Math from the University of Texas in Austin, where she also studied Pre-Med.  She earned an MBA from Marylhurst University.


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