Sce Pike headshot

Sce Pike

CEO & Founder


Sce Pike started her career in the 90s in Silicon Valley, designing and developing the first ecommerce sites for GM, HP, Blue Cross and others. Later, she helped to pioneer smartphones at Palm, Qualcomm and Amp’d Mobile.

In 2007, Pike started her own company, Citizen, which initially focused on smartphone products and, later on, Internet of Things (IoT) products such as connected car and connected health. She successfully sold Citizen to Ernst & Young. While developing IoT products for these industries at Citizen, she realized that there was a lack of enterprise-level smart apartment solution designed specifically for the multifamily-home (MFH) industry. In 2014, she founded IOTAS, a turnkey, simple smart apartment solutions company to help the MFH industry increase revenue and save costs. IOTAS has been recognized by Fortune, Wired, Gigaom, ABC, NBC, FastCo and more as the new way of automating apartments to attract tenants.

Pike has spoken at Health 2.0, TechFest NW, WebVisions, NAA and BISNOW on the impact of IoT. She is a passionate advocate of representation and equality of women and minorities in STEM.


Are We Living in the Future? A Conversation Around IoT

Presented by Robert Gaulden, Katie Fulghum, Gaurav Hardikar, Sce Pike at 2:45 PM on Monday, August 23rd.

This session will feature a panel discussion about the Internet of Things and how technology has rapidly accelerated us into what feels like, for some, the age of the Jetsons. A panel of IoT subject matter experts will discuss how technology in the residential space is impacting how we view commercial spaces and the solutions…