Rob Kay

Rob Kay

Director of Professional Services

Northland Controls

Rob’s journey to Director of Professional Services was not an obvious one. In fact, as a child growing up in the south-east of England, his primary fascination was the study of insects. But when it became clear that careers in Entomology were few, Rob decided to leave his back yard and commence an electronic engineering apprenticeship in the security industry. This pathway to becoming an installer taught him the foundations of the industry from the ground up – and how to make a great cup of tea.

After six years installing and commissioning, Rob had an ah-hah moment in the form of a customer dismayed by Rob’s creative installation technique of threading conduit throughout the customer’s thick ivy on the side of the building. Rob realized then that his talent was not installing, but in making the systems work. Shortly thereafter, Rob became an application engineer and truly unlocked his potential.
In 2008, Rob joined Northland as an application engineer. Adopting a ‘Si a Todo’ approach he had read in a book, he embraced every experience that came his way. When a proposal came in from a far flung location, Rob’s hand was first in the air. And from navigating Red Square in Russia, racing tuk tuks in India, and exploring street markets in Nigeria, Rob learnt how to connect with others on a global level, developing a unique, amiable approach that resonates with all who work with him.

Ten years and some 45 countries later, Rob finds himself settled in the California office, where he encourages his team to be curious, tenacious, collaborative, and open minded. As leader of The PACSmen – an elite group of technologists that form the Northland Controls Professional Services team devoted to unlocking the true value in end user security systems – Rob strives for excellence and innovation and will not rest until systems are optimized, integrated, secure and autonomous.


Interviewing the Company

Presented by Rob Kay at 1:45 PM on Wednesday, July 29th.

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