Lee Oughton

Lee Oughton

Chief Operating Officer

Fortress Risk Management

Lee Oughton is a certified security management professional (CSMP®), the business owner of Fortress Risk Management and Arsh Seguridad Privada and co-founder of Legent Seguridad Privada and Legent Risk Management LLC, all of which sit proudly within the Fortress Group. He is an entrepreneur and security professional with a highly successful international career within security and risk management, working extensively within corporate and high-risk environments and particularly within the Middle East, the United Kingdom and Europe, the United States, the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America.

Oughton has 24 years of military, corporate security, business risk and consulting professional experience, training and education in both domestic and international venues, organizations and corporations in the physical (traditional)  and virtual (logical) security industries. He resides in Mexico City and is a recognized expert by a multitude of news agencies, and foundations dedicated to the study of the principal threat to national and citizen security in Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean: organized crime. Such brands include Fox News, Disney Group, National Geographic and InsightCrime.org.

Lee currently spends his time, balancing his personal and business life, now finding his real passions of public speaking and panel participation. Mentoring, guiding and coaching young professionals looking to enter or enhance their careers have become his passion and the highlight of his successful career. Lee dedicates all his achievements to his loving wife, family and two beautiful daughters.


Falling Forward

Presented by Lee Oughton at 1:45 PM on Monday, July 27th.

Life isn’t meant to be easy; we need to make tough decisions and walk down unknown paths. Let us take you on a journey of trails and tribulations, twists and turns, successes and challenges. This is an unmissable session!