Kevin Friedman

Kevin Friedman


Maize Marketing

Kevin Friedman is the president of Maize Marketing, Inc., a full-service agency that creates sustainable marketing solutions for companies in the security and technology industries. Bringing more than 20 years of creative strategy, branding and storytelling experience to the team, Kevin is known as a highly innovative marketer who can always be trusted to come up with a new approach. He has a track record of delivering successful campaigns for industry leaders like IBM, FLIR, Seagate, Louroe Electronics and iluminar, to name a few. Kevin actively participates in the Security Industry Association (SIA) and is a member of the SIA Membership and Marketing Committee. Kevin holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from San Diego State University.


Marketing in Pencil: The Necessity of Adaptability in 21st-Century Marketing

Presented by Kevin Friedman at 1:45 PM on Monday, July 27th.

Marketing in the security industry is an ever-evolving environment. If you find a strategy that works one year, it may not work the next. Because security technology changes all the time, it is vital that marketers recognize that, when it comes to marketing tactics, A + B does not always equal C, especially when it…