Jon Harris

Jon Harris

Senior Product Manager


Jon Harris, PSP, CPP, MBA, has been in the security industry for over 15 years in various capacities. He began as a security officer at a university campus, before joining a contract security company as an account manager. Jon moved into a role as a site security manager in the aerospace and defense industry and developed through various roles of greater responsibility, until wrapping up his end user tenure as the associate director – security and trade compliance.

Jon moved into the manufacturer’s side of the business in 2018, as the A&E consultant program manager for a leading access control systems provider before moving into consulting as the director of enterprise Solutions for a global security and risk consulting firm. In 2021, he moved to Group337 as vice president – strategy consulting, then became business vision and strategy lead at Latch, and he currently serves as senior product manager at HiveWatch.


Let’s Debate! Channel vs. Direct Sales

Presented by Taylor May, Jon Harris, Kabir Maiga at 8:30 AM on Wednesday, August 3rd.

In the ever-changing industry we are in, we're seeing some companies change their sales models to be more direct with the customer, while others won't stray away from channel sales. In this lively debate, hear all about the benefits and drawbacks of each model, and please feel free to provide your input as we discuss!