Jon Harris

Jon Harris

Senior Security Consultant

Guidepost Solutions

Jon Harris has 15 years of experience in physical, technical, and operational security program design, development and deployment. He applies a risk-based and solution-oriented approach to his work, partnering with clients to ensure value-add outcomes.

With experience leading multifaceted, global compliance organizations, Mr. Harris developed the ability to distill complex challenges into manageable program components, allowing for sustained and repeatable successful results.

Mr. Harris has particular expertise in applying Physical Security System design elements to related compliance requirements. During his tenure at a large aerospace and defense company, he designed the facility access control and personnel identification standards, in order to meet the requirements associated with export control and international trade compliance regulations. This spanned not only U.S. requirements, but those of other nations. Additionally, Mr. Harris designed and deployed Physical Security Systems in adherence to U.S. government NISPOM and JAFAN standards, obtaining three consecutive SUPERIOR ratings from Defense Security Services (DSS) while serving as Facility Security Officer (FSO) for his previous employer.

Aside from the technical aspects of Physical Security, Mr. Harris has in-depth experience with workplace violence and active shooter prevention program development. Focusing on the behavioral aspects which lead to adverse incidents, he deployed a training program geared to identify the warning signs of workplace violence, while also preparing personnel for the worse-case outcome. This training program included executive-level activities, human resource focused content, supervisor/manager training and general employee population briefings. Additionally, it involved interactive tabletop exercises and the inclusion of law enforcement.

Prior to joining Guidepost Solutions, Mr. Harris also spent time working with a security management systems manufacturer. This experience provides a unique perspective regarding the delivery and support processes for security products and solutions.

Mr. Harris’ diverse background and experiences offer Guidepost customers an excellent asset for developing, assessing or maturing their security programs.


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