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Joel Hosino

Security Practitioner

Joel Hosino is a security practitioner with over 15 years of experience managing enterprise physical security technology while working for some of the hottest companies in tech. During this time, he has developed from an entry-level administrator to managing concurrent multimillion dollar projects. He will be sharing his unique perspective on highly resilient teams and the managers that support them. If you’re interested in learning about how he has inspired his teams to take on more, do more and be more, don’t miss his session.


Generational Work Styles: Building Trust & Effective Communication

Presented by Joel Hosino at 12:05 PM on Wednesday, August 25th.

Given enough time, most people will get the opportunity to become managers, but few truly become leaders. Why is it that some managers struggle and resort to micromanaging, manipulations and other tactics to coerce results, while others effortlessly inspire everyone around them to dream more, do more and be more? In this session, we will…