David Fortune

David Fortune

Security Program Manager

Amazon Web Services

David Fortune is a Security Program Manager at Amazon (AWS). This involves running multiple, complex projects for AWS Data Centers. Security integrity is critically important hence projects have to be delivered on time, according to strict standards. He has grown quickly within the industry, running projects at multiple silicon valley companies, volunteering for SIA Rise and is on his way to achieving his PMP this year. Project management skills are key to achieving goals both professionally and personally. The return on investment is always positive. Just like reading (anything economics), cycling (mtb & road) or parenting (two young daughters is tough) the more you put invest in it, the better you become.


How’s That Deadline Working Out for You?

Presented by David Fortune at 12:05 PM on Tuesday, July 28th.

This session will address one question, which will address the core of project management: How is that deadline working out for you? In 70 percent of cases, the answer is, “not very well.” There is immense value in applying project management principles to our work and personal lives in order to meet expectations, including deadlines;…