Colin DePree

Colin DePree

Director of Sales & Employee Owner

Pro-Tec Design

Colin DePree, Director of Sales at Pro-Tec Design, has led the sales and marketing department for the past three years. His core responsibilities have been refreshing the sales process, improving scalability and refocusing the organizations marketing efforts. With Colin’s guidance Pro-Tec has become a leader in cloud-based physical security, expanded service offerings and developed a proven process to ensure client satisfaction. As a member of the leadership team Colin has partnered with the operations and finance teams to improve forecasting methodology and deliver a consistent brand message throughout the organization. Colin is a leader focused on defining clear expectations and using agreed upon data to hold himself and his team accountable. Colin came to Pro-Tec with over seven years of industry experience and a multitude of operational responsibilities including project management, customer experience and software support. He carries a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Albion College and a Master of Science in Management Information Systems from Florida State University.


Strategic Ambitions: Tips and Tricks That Helped Millennials Foster Success

Presented by Steve Burdet, Brittany Galli, Angela Osborne, Colin DePree, Nelson Jenkins at 10:05 AM on Friday, August 16th.

Learn from a panel of accomplished millennials about the real-world experiences that sparked their success over the course of their respective careers. Attendees will be able to listen and ask questions about how panelists navigated organizational culture, developed skills to advance their careers, harnessed the value of mentorship, applied patience and planning to their daily…