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Colin DePree

Sales Strategy

Salto Systems

Colin DePree is tasked with guiding Salto’s strategy and growth for North America. In addition to leading Salto’s ecosystem and vertical efforts, he is very active with industry associations and is a current member of SIA’s RISE Steering Committee. DePree brings over 10 years of industry experience and a multitude of operational responsibilities including sales leadership, customer experience and software support. He carries a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Albion College and a Master of Science in management information systems from Florida State University.


The Value of Coopetition Within an Ecosystem

Presented by Colin DePree at 12:05 PM on Tuesday, August 24th.

As an ecosystem of platforms become part of every solution, the lines between partner and competitor begin to blur. It is no longer a zero-sum game; believe it or not, you can both win. Winning 100% of two opportunities versus 75% of eight opportunities is the potential cost of your next sales call. How do…