Bobby Louissaint

Bobby Louissaint

Technical Operations Solutions Manager


An experienced leader in the security space for 25 years, Bobby Louissaint comes from humble beginnings as an applied science graduate in electronic engineering from ITT Tech. He started his security career as a residential technician and has worked his way through the business to emerge as a leader in the market. Louissaint’s technical experiences as a field tech and project manager paved a solid foundation for him to become a trailblazer in the industry.

For most of the last 12 years, Louissaint worked as a sales director within ADT/TYCO/JCI National Accounts, where he managed all corporate business along the West Coast of the US. He has managed hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of business in his career, and as director he has developed multiple territories and teams to success.

While Louissaint’s experiences in selling have undoubtedly proven him to be a sales frontrunner, his talents as a leader in general should not be overlooked. He has established himself as a facilitator and industry thought leader and led his teams with new technologies, working internally and externally with innovative companies, disrupting the norm.

After JCI, Louissaint transitioned his career into the innovation space as the executive in charge of strategic engagements for a startup artificial intelligence company, Ambient AI. He again transitioned into a new role as the global leader of technical solutions within Facebook’s global security services and technology team. As we step into a new world of data management, Louissaint is a leading force into a new arena of enablement by utilizing sensor data to exhibit specific results, which will bring about a new world of substantial business outcomes that provide action, performance and efficiencies by enhancing today’s environment, using smart technologies.


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