Becca Rausenberger

Becca Rausenberger

Vice President, Human Resources & Corporate Services

VTI Security

Becca is the Vice President of Human Resources & Corporate Services at VTI Security, providing leadership for Human Resources, Fleet & Safety, Administration, and Contract Services at VTI Security. Becca joined VTI Security following several Human Resources roles at Best Buy. In addition to her work in big box retail, Becca has held non-profit roles, including founding board member and board chair of Cologne Academy a public charter school in Cologne, MN.

At VTI Security, Becca’s leadership efforts have focused on attracting and retaining a team of people committed to VTI’s core values of Trust, Mutual Respect, and Accountability. As a member of the executive team, she has been focused on building and supporting this culture while developing processes and tools that support people and grow the business.

Becca holds an undergraduate degree with Majors in Christian Education and Theology, as well as a Masters in Human Resource Management from Concordia University in St. Paul, MN.


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