The Art of Hiring and Firing

Wednesday, August 25th

About the Session

Having been on both sides – as employees and executives responsible for hiring and terminating employees, this session’s presenters have learned a lot about what to look for when hiring and determining whether a person will actually fit your culture and not just be able to perform the job functions. Additionally, this session will discuss a company’s role once a hire is made to make sure the person is navigating the new landscape properly and being presented with the tools to ensure they are successful. How are you measuring their performance? If they are not working out, are they really an underperforming employee, or are they in the wrong position? What steps do you take once you are considering firing the employee? Once the decision is made to move forward with the firing, how will you manage the effect it will have on the rest of the team? This session will explore the art of hiring and firing within the security industry.

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