Strategic Ambitions: Tips and Tricks That Helped Millennials Foster Success

Friday, August 16th

About the Session

Learn from a panel of accomplished millennials about the real-world experiences that sparked their success over the course of their respective careers.

Attendees will be able to listen and ask questions about how panelists navigated organizational culture, developed skills to advance their careers, harnessed the value of mentorship, applied patience and planning to their daily lives and more. Attendees will walk away with valuable insights into career planning, guidance to help them find mentor within their organizations, a better idea of how to stand out and be included in succession planning and a chance to learn more about SIA programs and initiatives that foster success in  physical security industry careers.

Presented By

Steve Burdet

Team Lead, Solutions Management, Axis Communications, Inc.
AXIS Communications

Brittany Galli

Chief Success Officer

Angela Osborne

Guidepost Solutions

Colin DePree

Director of Sales & Employee Owner
Pro-Tec Design

Nelson Jenkins

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Supplemental Resources

Bring these items to the session, or refer to them after the session is over.