Negotiating: Thinking About Risk

Monday, August 1st

About the Session

What makes an effective negotiator? How can you create leverage for yourself during heated back and forth? No matter the transaction, it all comes down to perspective – specifically, how you are thinking about various risks and the ways they interplay on the landscape of the transaction.

First, we’ll break risk down into simple terms: what is it, and how should we think about managing it? Second, we’ll identify tools we can use to quickly identify specific risks in our transactions and understand how they overlap. Third, we’ll consider various tactics to respond to our counterparts’ positions in a way that helps us mitigate the risks we’ve identified. Last, we’ll expand our thinking about the resources available to us within our organizations (spoiler: you’re not alone!).

Participants will walk away more confident in their abilities, their negotiating toolkits and their likelihood for success.

Presented By

Kasia Moore

Vice President and Deputy General Counsel

Supplemental Resources

Bring these items to the session, or refer to them after the session is over.