Marketing in Pencil: The Necessity of Adaptability in 21st-Century Marketing

Monday, July 27th

About the Session

Marketing in the security industry is an ever-evolving environment. If you find a strategy that works one year, it may not work the next. Because security technology changes all the time, it is vital that marketers recognize that, when it comes to marketing tactics, A + B does not always equal C, especially when it comes to keeping up with an ever-evolving audience who is constantly bombarded with content via digital platforms—today’s marketers need to learn to adapt. Join Kevin Friedman, president of Maize Marketing, to explore what it looks like to “market in pencil.” This session will highlight what questions security marketers should be asking to determine what tools will make their security product or service stand out. It will also offer tips and tricks you can use to refine content marketing initiatives to drive the bottom line, as well as best practices to keep in mind when marketing in a time of crisis.

Presented By

Kevin Friedman

Maize Marketing

Supplemental Resources

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