A Year Later, a Pandemic and Much, Much More – An Update to “I Owe it to Her: How My Partner Helped (and Continues to Help) Me Achieve My Career Success”

Monday, August 23rd

About the Session

In this session, husband-and-wife team Lee and Jen Odess will give a rare insight into two executives, one in the security industry and the other supporting it, as they share their personal life and work journeys. They will open up and share stories on all aspects that many of the attendees will likely face to hopefully let you know that you are not alone, sharing their wide range of experiences from meeting at a conference in Denver when they lived thousands of miles apart to being small business owners (three times), joining startups and then larger companies, balancing when to have kids and the impacts it has on you as a couple and on your careers, deciding to move for an opportunity, wondering if it’s OK to go back, saying yes or no to promotions, living with guilt and selfishness and knowing when to support or just shut up and listen – pretty much life in general. Presenting together, they will speak openly about supporting each other and being vulnerable, give examples of good and bad moments and share what has and hasn’t worked for them to achieve what they both have so far and hope to in the future.

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