A Tech Evolution: How the Security Industry Is Shifting From Guards and Gates to Digital Protective Intelligence

Monday, August 1st

About the Session

A digital transformation is happening in the security industry: protection teams are moving away from the “guns, guards and gates” approach and are seeking technology to help them proactively monitor threats. As our societal threat landscape continues to increase and threat actors find new ways to act out, now more than ever, having a holistic view of threats is a business imperative.

In this session, Lukas Quanstrom will discuss strategies the industry should embrace related to people, processes and technology solutions to gain an advantage in their security and protection efforts. Attendees will have the opportunity to develop a working knowledge of protective intelligence and its intersection with technology. This knowledge and understanding of the evolution of the industry and technology solutions that help teams collect and connect threats will give young professionals a leg up in their career advancement.

Presented By

Lukas Quanstrom

CEO and Co-Founder

Supplemental Resources

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