Kerri Sutherland

Kerri Sutherland

Manager, HR Business Partnerships
Axis Communications

Kerri Sutherland has held a human resource business partnership position at Axis Communications since 2017. She holds an MBA with a concentration in human resource management from the University of Texas A&M and is certified as a senior professional by the Society of Human Resource Management. She has more than a decade of successful experience in the field with a primary focus on hiring, employee development and employee engagement.

Sutherland’s human resource journey began at various international tech companies, and she currently supports the Americas region at Axis Communications by recruiting and retaining top talent while safeguarding the company’s culture. She also sits as the chair for the Foundation of Advancing Security Talent and serves on the board of a local nonprofit humane society. She has facilitated many training programs elevating her passion for seeing individuals and businesses succeed in unified goals.


EQ, Not IQ

Presented by Kerri Sutherland at 1:30 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 14

We've all heard of IQ before, but what is EQ? This session on emotional intelligence (EQ) will provide an overview of how to be aware of your emotions and the emotions of others and, ultimately, how to influence others to achieve business goals. You'll learn why EQ is important, the difference between fixed traits and learnable skills, how to ensure psychological safety and become aware of emotional triggers in yourselves and others and how to deescalate uncomfortable situations.