Kelsey Carnell

Regional Sales Manager, New England
Axis Communications

Kelsey Carnell is an experienced young security leader. She has a passion for people, helping others, spreading kindness, thinking outside the box and mentorship and always challenges others to step out of their comfort zone and be curious enough to learn and grow from each interaction/situation.

With over seven years of experience in the security industry, Carnell has lead volunteer groups, managed growing teams, inspired others to drive change, connected with many and helped to lead sales growth year over year. She is a regional sales manager at Axis Communications and co-founder of The Kindness Games and holds a CPTED certification as well as bachelor's and master's degrees from Southern New Hampshire University.

Carnell has a passion for continued learning and growth. By sharing her experience, she hopes to inspire others to be their authentic selves, drive change, lead by example and lend a hand for another in need.


I'm Not Lucky, I'm a Badass: Prioritizing Intentionality in Career Development

Presented by Amanda Payne, Dakota BierlyKelsey Carnell and Keyser Santana at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 16

Speakers Dakota Bierly, Kelsey Carnell, Amanda Payne and Keyser Santana will share career milestones and the steps it took to accomplish them during a discussion on how to prioritize intentionality as you navigate your career path. We will explore how to identify and pursue opportunities that align with values and passions and the importance of networking, mentorship, advocacy and self-care in our professional lives. Through this discussion, we will also highlight how to leverage self-reflection and self-grace while sharing common experiences to bridge connections within the room.

Participants will leave the session with feelings of empowerment, renewed energy, and focus, armed with ideas to overcome challenges and intentionally progress in their own career paths.