Idan Meir

Idan Meir

Co-Founder And CEO

Idan Meir is a visionary entrepreneur and leader based in Rockville, Maryland, with a passion for making the world more accessible. As the co-founder of RightHear, a Techstars portfolio company, Meir has helped develop an advanced accessibility solution that empowers people with visual impairments to navigate public spaces independently. His exceptional management skills and innovative spirit have earned him recognition in major publications like Forbes, FastCompany and HackerNews, as well as an invitation to the exclusive CEO forum, MindShare.

In addition to RightHear, Meir has fostered entrepreneurship and innovation as the founder and former managing director of Hubanana, building a thriving community of startups and entrepreneurs. With a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and management from The Open University of Israel and certifications in various fields, he has a skill set encompassing team leadership, IT accessibility, strategic planning and more. Driven by the motto "Aim for the moon. If you miss, you might hit a star," his determination and leadership continue to inspire positive change in the world.


Unlocking Inclusive Access: A New Paradigm In Proptech For Enhanced User Access

Presented by Idan Meir at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 15

The proptech revolution has traditionally focused on security, often prioritizing the need to "keep the bad guys out." While this is undeniably essential, there is a growing need to equally focus on improving the experience for the "good guys" who use these spaces daily. This session will explore the concept of inclusive access, emphasizing the importance of creating accessible and user-friendly environments within the commercial real estate market.

We will look at the transformative potential of incorporating accessibility into access control systems, considering the needs of all users, including those who are visually impaired. By introducing real-world examples from RightHear's work in enhancing accessibility, this talk will demonstrate how proptech can be leveraged for a more inclusive and positive user experience.

This conversation will inspire young professionals in the proptech and security industry to shift their perspective and consider inclusivity as a critical success factor in their future projects.