To receive a refund, all registration cancellation requests must be made in writing and submitted to the Security Industry Association (SIA) via, no later than midnight ET July 14, 2023. All cancellations are subject to a $100.00 administrative fee that will be deducted from the amount refunded. New registrations and cancellation requests received after July 14, 2023, are non-refundable, but attendees may be substituted (see policy below on substitutions).

SIA will review special requests for refunds after the event. Registrants must indicate an emergency situation and these requests with documentation/details must be submitted no later than September 16, 2023. SIA retains the right to determine what constitutes an emergency situation, if additional supporting documentation is required, and if a refund will be given, and SIA’s decision will be final. Special requests for refunds submitted after September 16, 2023, will not be considered. SIA will not refund due to travel carrier cancellations or other unforeseen incidents beyond attendees’ control.


Requests for attendee substitutions must be made in writing by the original registrant to  Please note: The substituted individual must be from the same organization/corporation as the original registrant (subsidiaries within the same corporation would be eligible). A maximum of one (1) substitution per original registrant is allowed. There will be a $25.00 processing fee for any substitution; this amount will be invoiced to the substituted registrant.


It is an attendee’s sole responsibility to take care of visa requirements. If an attendee requires an entry visa, the attendee must allow sufficient time for the visa application procedure. Event registration details may be shared by SIA with the immigration authorities to assist in the process. However, SIA will not contact embassies and consulates on your behalf.

To receive an invitation letter from SIA for this event, a registrant must first register and pay the registration fees in full, and then request the SIA letter by emailing

If a registrant is not granted a visa, the registration fee will be reimbursed only if the registrant provides with an official document from local immigration authorities, showing the visa rejection and that the application was made at least one month before the event.