Brian Karas

Brian Karas

Pelican Zero

Brian Karas has been involved in various venture-backed startups going back to the dot-com days. He joined the security industry in 2008 with VideoIQ, where he became vice president of global sales before the company was acquired by Avigilon. Within Avigilon he held several leadership roles, and he has also worked for other security industry companies, including FLIR and Vintra.

Karas started Pelican Zero in 2021 as a business growth consultant to security industry companies where he works with private equity firms, banks and private investors to help industry companies find funding or just take their business to the next level of growth.

Prior to the security industry, Karas was an early employee at HubSpot and other companies in the networking and cybersecurity sectors.


Scrooge McDuckin

Presented by Brian Karas at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 15

This session will focus lightly on how to grow your career and find the best opportunities, and more on how to manage and grow investments. While retirement planning may seem far away, daunting or confusing, there are things you need to think about now to make sure you're setup to retire when you want to. Should you use an investment manager, or just buy index funds? How much to "too much" retirement savings, and how much is not enough? Let's get some clarity on these topics so you can retire when you want to.