Amanda Payne

Amanda Payne

Program Manager
Northland Controls

Amanda Payne is an emerging leader within the security industry. She is currently a program manager at Northland Controls and a SIA RISE Steering Committee member. She started her career in general construction, spending several years working with general contractors in California and Alaska. While in Alaska, she had the opportunity to become a remote project manager with Northland Controls, where she has established a proven history of managing multiple aspects of security programs, while simultaneously building lasting client and owner relationships.

Payne is driven by the opportunity to continuously build knowledge, develop leadership skills and work with a team to complete complex projects. Outside of her profession, she is a mother to two young boys and an avid singer and enjoys giving back to her community.


I’m Not Lucky, I’m A Badass: Prioritizing Intentionality In Career Development

Presented by Amanda Payne, Dakota BierlyKelsey Carnell and Keyser Santana at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 16

Speakers Dakota Bierly, Kelsey Carnell, Amanda Payne and Keyser Santana will share career milestones and the steps it took to accomplish them during a discussion on how to prioritize intentionality as you navigate your career path. We will explore how to identify and pursue opportunities that align with values and passions and the importance of networking, mentorship, advocacy and self-care in our professional lives. Through this discussion, we will also highlight how to leverage self-reflection and self-grace while sharing common experiences to bridge connections within the room.

Participants will leave the session with feelings of empowerment, renewed energy, and focus, armed with ideas to overcome challenges and intentionally progress in their own career paths.